I am a Leica guy.  For years I used a large SLR.  Over the years they got bigger and bigger and heavier and heavier.  I also wasn’t sold on the quality of the optics.  Then I discovered Leica and became sucked into the world of Leica. The first thing I noticed was how absolutely beautiful the lenses are.  They’re more like fine jewelry than a mechanical tool.  After I held several lenses I was in love until I asked “how much” ?   It’s like paying $35 for a Kobe hamburger.  If you are looking for a digital camera that you can pixel peep until your eyes bleed, or auto focus and shoot 90 frames a second, the Leica M isn’t the one for you.  The allure of the Leica for me is that my senses have to be engaged: sight, sound and touch when i shoot.   I am more visual when trying to compose a scene.  I spend more time trying to get the whole story in the frame lines seeing more through a fixed focal length like that of the eye and less time thinking of what I could zoom in on. I also like to spend more time concentrating on the available light present and more time trying to get the perfect shutter speed and aperture to work together.  The M requires on me to focus and be engaged as all lenses are manual.

Holding the M is satisfying.   Its solid build and ergonomic feel sit nicely in the hand.  All working buttons and dials are positioned to be used with ease.  If you want to shoot something that takes thought and provides a great feeling of accomplishment when looking at your photos, then the Leica M may be the camera for you too.  This camera easily beats any DSLR I have ever used for functionality.   Getting used to the M does take patience.  As a result, I think I am a better photographer.

Last fall then I took a trip to Grand Tetons Josh at the Leica Store Miami loaned me a Leica S to use.   I thought what the heck I will try it but wasn’t counting on being that impressed to tell the truth.  I didn’t think I would like the size of the S especially as compared to the M.   While it took some getting used to at first, I was totally blown away with the images from the Medium Format Leica S.   WOW!  When I got back from my trip I decided to buy a used Leica S from a friend that I follow on Facebook.    Then I decided to buy one..then two..then there…then four S lens.   I became an “S” guy.   So much so I put my name on the list for the new “S” 007 that Leica plans on releasing early in 2015.