Downtown Forth Worth Photo Shoot / by Mark Nunneley

So i decided last week to join the DFW Photography Club of Texas.  I like to take pictures and am always looking for new and interesting places to shoot and I thought it would be cool to share ideas with other photographers.  I looked at upcoming photo shoots and saw the group was meeting Friday (yesterday) in downtown Fort Worth so I signed up.  The meet up time was 7:00 PM and I knew the traffic would be totally crazy from the Galleria area of Dallas to downtown Forth Worth so i left the office at 4:00.  I actually got to downtown Forth Worth by 5:00 so I grabbed a quick bite to eat  which was totally NOT on my diet

I then proceeded to the meet-up location just on the north side of downtown not too far from the Stockyards.  Right as you cross over on of the Trinity River bridges there is a perfectly paved ramp and plenty of parking where i saw everyone was parking and assembling their gear.   It was so cool!   I met a lot of nice people.  Obviously everyone was totally focused on finding the "right" shot as was I.   A lot of folks were intrigued by the "film camera" that they thought i had.   No, i is digital.   A few folks were totally into my gear and wanted to see and touch.  In any case, I had a lot of fun and this is my favorite photograph of the evening.