Downtown Dallas Photo Shot with Maddie / by Mark Nunneley

So after dinner this evening I thought I would grab Maddie (who has been sick but is now feeling better) and leave Gracie home to rest (who has been fine but now feels sick) and head downtown to do a downtown shot.   Well we got off at Wycliff and went down Cedar Springs past "the bars" and at a stop light Maddie looks to her right and sees a 9/10 naked dancer in very small undies.  OOPS!  lets ignore that.   Well we proceeded to our downtown shot location which was referred to me by a guy in the DFW Photo Club and lo and behold we saw a barricade in the street as we got close to the Trinity River I would guess because of all the flooding rains we have had the last few days.  So we kept looking for a good location to shoot from and decided to cross Commerce Street.  Once we crossed all the way over the Trinity I noticed there was a "Scenic Location" sign....It must be new because I have never seen this before.  There was a mini park with places to sit as you look across the Trinity toward Downtown Dallas.  It is a great location to shoot from.