Train Trip from NYC to DC / by Mark Nunneley

We had a 9:35am Amtrak from Penn Station in Manhattan to Washington DC.  We left the Hyatt at 7:45 to make sure we had plenty of time.  The girls really didn't want to get up since we were up so late the evening before.  We did a quick hotel check-out of the Hyatt (Total cost $30 for wifi charges since we used our Hyatt points) and took a cab to Penn Station.  Unfortunately the cab dropped us off on the curb in from of Penn Station with all 6 heavy bags.  We successfully lugged the bags thru Penn Station to our gate.  Luckily we found an Amtrak luggage guy that for $20 took all our bags and loaded them on the train.  Success...we are on the way to DC.  Should arrive around 1:00PM