"I can't believe this has happened" / by Mark Nunneley

Yesterday was unbelievable from start to finish.   First was the cap ride from the Hyatt the Penn station (possibility #1).  The cabbie was a little crazed and pulled up to Penn station in a very busy street and we had 15 seconds to get out of the taxi with all our luggage.   Next we made our way thru a very busy Penn Station to the Amtrak waiting area.  We dragged all of our luggage there by ourselves and waited in the waiting room for about an hour.  We were able to locate an Amtrak guy to help us with our bags to the train.  He loaded "all" our luggage and we followed him to the train. (possibility #2).  We boarded the train and all was fine until the were about 20 miles north of Baltimore.  The train stopped and they were unable to re-start it.  The windows didn't open and were sat there with no electricity or A/C for 2-3 hours.  Finally a train came from behind to push us to Baltimore.  When we got to Baltimore we had to grab our bag real quick and transfer to another train that was waiting for us. It was crazy. (possibility #3). When we arrived at Washington DC we unloaded our luggage and discovered the cab line was 100+ people deep so we decided to cart all our luggage thru the Metro.....When we got off at the metro stop we crabbed a quick cab to the hotel.  This is where we discovered that i didn't have my camera backpack.  We tried and called everywhere..but bottom line is IT IS GONE.   The bad news is I don't have a camera for the rest of our trip.  The good news is it is fully insured.  The Bad news is my camera and lens are not readily available...will probably take 9 months to a year to replace them all.   I am sure my insurance agent will NOT be happy.  

SORRY but the rest of the trip will be from my IPHONE!