THE State Fair of Texas / by Mark Nunneley

The State Fair of Texas is an annual state fair held in Dallas, Texas at Fair Park where it has been since 1886.  A major attraction at the fair is the iconic "Big Tex" who is a 52-foot cowboy with big boots and a 10-gallon hat.  Unfortunately, last year Big Tex caught fire and was destroyed.  A new Big Tex premiered this year at the fair.  Another major attraction is the 212 foot Texas Star ferris wheel which is the largest in the USA.  This year a new attraction called "Top of Texas Tower" opened with a 500 foot tall observation tower.  The State Fair of Texas is the most visited state fair in the USA with over 3 million visitors.  The Minnesota State Fair comes in 2nd with about 1.8 million visitors.  Now in our household, that includes both Texans and Minnesotans there is great debate over which is the "BEST" state fair and that is not something that we will debate here.  I am sure that both are great.