The Drive to the Coromandel Peninsula / by Mark Nunneley

It's a little tricky at first. The steering wheel is on the right and everyone drives in the left lane. Everything that is usually intuitive isn't all of a sudden. Really hard at first but you do get used to it. The roads and highways in New Zealand are spectacular...I would say much better than the USA. All the roads appear brand new and are well marked. From Auckland you drive on Highway 1 South about 75 miles to Thames which is the peninsula's oldest town. From Thames you drive North on the coast through a lot of small towns for about 15 miles and then cross the peninsula on what is known as the Tapu-Coroglen Road. You begin to wind into the mountains. It's a breathtaking route where massive tree ferns grow out of the mountainside. About half way you run upon an area known as Rapaura. We ate lunch here. It was really tasty. Amazing New Zealand Beef sandwiches. By the way, there are cows and sheep everywhere. Surprisingly there seem to be more cows than sheep so far. I decided if I were a cow, the New Zealand is the place to be. Much more beautiful and much better weather than Texas for sure. Agapanthus Hydrangeas


Tapu road

Tapu Ferns