San Miguel - We made it / by Mark Nunneley

sm1-10 sm1-9 sm1-8 sm1-7 sm1-6 sm1-5 sm1-4 sm1-3 sm1-2 sm1-1We arrived at San Miguel at 12:45am......Exhausted from the flight and the drive from Leon airport.   The drive is exhausting in itself.   The roads are not good and the speed bumps along the way were crazy.   What are they thinking.   Maybe we are just used to the highway system in the US.     In any case we arrived at Casa GGG tired but excited.   Johnny and Sam arrived several hours before us and already had a lay of the land.   When we arrived they showed us around the house we had rented.   It is spectacular.   Gracie and Maddie took two of the suites on the lower level by the pool.   Johnny and Sam took the Cielo suite and Kati and I took the large suite on the upper level.