Off to Florence / by Mark Nunneley

This was our hard travel day.    We had a car pick us up from our Hotel in Positano at 5:30am this morning.    We drove to Naples and caught an 8:00 train to Florence.   We arrived right at 11:00 and ran to the car rental company.   We had exactly an hour before the rental car closed so I left the girls at the train station and ran to car rental.   When I arrived the line was long so I called the girls and told them to taxi over to where I was along with all the luggage.   After about an hour we can our Diesel, nine-passenger van complete with wifi and navigation.    

First stop ...lets grab some lunch and the closest spot was the St Regis Florence so we went for it.

The next task was to get used to diving in Italy with a stick shift.  The roads where very narrow and people drove really crazy.   Stop one was to find a Grocery store so we could buy food for the Villa.   We found a really great modern American-Like grocery store and got everything we needed.  We got our groceries and headed to our Villa which was about 30 minutes south of Florence.  After a few mishaps and wrong turns we made it to the Villa.   WOW!

Our Kitchen ...we cooked our first meal

The girls took their first ride on a zip line behind the Villa