Cinque Terre / by Mark Nunneley

Yesterday we made the 2 hour drive from the Villa to Cinque Terre which is essentially 5 individual villages on the NW coast of Italy.  "Charming" and "breathtaking" are adjectives that get a workout when traveling to Italy but it's rare that both apply to a single location.  This is such a place.


Morning shot in Manarola

For my evening shot at Riomaggiore I really needed to climb out on some rocks to set up my Tripod.   Unfortunately the tide was rather high and the rocks were wet.   Anyway, I went for it along with my heavy camera backpack and tripod.  The rocks were marble and very slick.   About 1/3 of the way I lost my footing and took a tumble loosing my tripod in the water.   I went for the tripod and successfully recovered it.   This was my hand where I fell.

wow this hurt

So not wanting to give up I found this 16 year old Boy from Milan.  He stays in Cinque Terre in the summer staying with his grandmother.   He took me out on his boat in the harbor so I could get my shot.

Riomaggiore at Sunset