Siena's Duomo / by Mark Nunneley

The multiSiena's cathedral is beyond question one of the finest Gothic churches in Italy and we thought it was substantially more beautiful than the famous Duomo in Florence.  In fact it may have been more spectacular than St. Peters at the Vatican.   The multicolored marbles and painted decoration were amazing.  The Duomo was completed in and of the 13th century.  The interior with its black and white striping throughout and finely coffered and gilded dome, is simply striking.

Also in Duomo is "La Madonna del Voto", as the painting is known, is an object of immense popular devotion for the people of Siena who have clung firmly to their special relations with Virgin Mary one the centuriens, even calling their city Sens fetus civets Virginis (Siena, the ancient city of the Virgin).

Another spectacular part of the Duomo were all the colorful flags